Add Some Wow To Your Woodworking Projects

Add Some Wow To Your Woodworking Projects

John Lloyd Fine Furniture - VeneerWould you like to add some Wow! to your woodworking projects? Then the 5 day ‘Understanding Veneering’ Course with John Lloyd Fine Furniture is a must.

You will be taught everything to need to know to start you on the road to hand veneering and producing your own inlays. You will make a stunning tray as a test piece to take home and amaze your family and friends!

  • 10-14 October 2016
  • £590
  • Project : Make a veneered and inlayed Tray

John Lloyd Fine Furniture - VeneerVeneering is a wonderful way of adding a decorative effect to a project, a technique that has been used in furniture making for hundreds of years. In simple terms, just thin slices of an attractive ‘show-wood’ that are stuck to a groundwork of some sort, originally pine or oak but now, often a sheet material like ply or MDF. This course looks at the traditional method of veneering by hand, and the more modern method of veneering using a vacuum press.

Originally cut by hand with a fine saw, veneers would have been around 2mm thick, most modern veneer production is ‘Knife-cut’ and is typically only about 0.6mm thick.

Veneering opens up huge opportunities for decorative work using exotic timbers and inlays, and using a vacuum press for veneering makes large panels and curved work a much more viable proposition for the amateur and the smaller professional workshop.

John Lloyd Fine Furniture - VeneerThe group is kept to maximum of six students on each course, allowing for plenty of individual support from John Lloyd.

This is your last opportunity to book yourself on this fascinating course in 2016.

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