Back To Work - Back To School?

Back To Work – Back To School?

Back to School marks the point where many professionally-skilled parents whose children are starting full-time education turn their attention to returning to work. Many local businesses are realising the benefit of flexible workers because of their skills and experiences, but also their loyalty and determination to get the job done to the best of their ability in the time given.

In our recent Ten2Two Research 2017, 85% of the candidates who responded said that their new role had to fit round their family commitments. Additionally, responders identified a shift in attitude by employers over the 10 years since Ten2Two started, but the overwhelming comment was that so much more needs to be done. We are working on it!

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Ten2Two are participating in a number of events to connect with local businesses and we hope to see you at some if not all.

  • September 29th Dots conference at Brighton Dome
  • October 18th Meet the Buyers GBD event
  • October 13th Brighton Business Expo
  • Please join us at our Flexible Working Forum Eastbourne Oct/Nov date TBC


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Happy Autumn Days from the Ten2Two Sussex Team