Beautiful You... Get Festive Party Ready

Beautiful You… Get Festive Party Ready

by Amy Newson

The finishing touches to your festive party look shouldn’t cause you worry. Here are some simple, yet fabulous, hair and make-up tricks to get you out the door and in the party mood in no time.

If you’re planning your Christmas and New Year’s party looks already, look no further – here you will find all the hair and make-up inspiration you need for your upcoming festive celebrations. What will be left to do, you ask? Just pop on a dazzling dress with your favourite heels, sing some carols, eat a mince pie (or two) and dance the night away to some cheesy Christmas pop tunes.

Holiday Hair

This doesn’t have to involve sparkly headbands and glitzy hair decorations. Hassle free hairstyles are perfect for festive parties, get pretty and party-ready in just ten minutes with these two incredibly wonderful styles.

The Textured Low Ponytail

Start by using a curling wand to add texture to your hair, curling your hair away from your face. Pull your hair back and tie with a band at the nape of your neck. Spray the end of your hair with hairspray to keep that textured effect in place long into the night.

The French Twist

Pin your hair up in three sections: top, middle and bottom. Take the middle section of your hair and twist it before securing with bobby pins to hold in place. Repeat this on the bottom section and then pin it to the middle section. Finally, twist the top section of your hair, pulling it over the middle and bottom section before giving it a final twist and securing it. Voilà!

Party Make-Up

These three looks are guaranteed showstoppers at any party – and in the case of Christmas and New Year, wear them day or night!

Red Lips with Winged Eyeliner

Deep red lipstick and winged liner is always a winner for a festive party, it’s a timeless classic! To get the perfect wing, start off by putting a dot where you want the wing to end, then starting from the inner corner – with that eye closed – complete the line to connect to the dot. Draw a small triangle and fill it in, making sure that the line is thickest in the middle and thinner in the inner corner and at the wing. If you want to add an extra touch to your look, top your applied red lipstick up with superfine crimson-coloured glitter.

Gilded Eyes

Define the outside corners of your eyes with black kohl liner. With a blending brush and black eyeshadow, smudge for a smokier eye look. Use your finger to dab on some gold and glittery eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelid and to the inner corners for the ultimate finishing touch.

Shimmery Copper Shadow

If normal holiday colours aren’t your thing, try copper and bronze shades instead. Smudge some copper eyeshadow along the top and bottom lash lines and line your inner and lower waterlines with black waterproof liner. Finish with a glossy matte lip for the perfect touch.