Beautiful You - New Season Trends

Beautiful You – New Season Trends

by Amy Newson

Has autumn come around quicker than you expected it to? Get cold weather ready with us and discover the ultimate trends to follow this season.

Realising that the new season is on your doorstep and having no idea what to wear or even what trends to follow is just what September is for. This ultimate guide to this season’s fashion has all you need to know about the whole new set of styles for the colder months ahead. Discover how to breeze through this season looking glamorous and perfectly put together.

That’s right – the 70s are back with a vengeance, from disco boots to flares! Don a head-to-toe sequin dress, vibrant metallic trousers or just lots of ruffles to get into the groove. The disco dynasty is ruling our wardrobes this season and will make you want to boogie on the dance floor all night long.

A healthy dose of romantic escapism is always a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Shirts, dresses and trousers with plenty of ruffle detail are just the perfect way to jazz up your working wardrobe and will guarantee that you become the office trendsetter. The more ruffles, the better!

Get a sneak peek into the future – glitter boots, metallic jackets and planet inspired accessories form the dress code in futuristic ‘space’. You’ll be seeing stars once you’re fully immersed in this fun (and intergalactic) trend.

Tweed may be reminiscent of stuffy English propriety but its uptight reputation is being redressed this autumn. Now it comes with the sensual twist of form-fitting silhouettes and modern cuts. You can even find oversized hoodies made from this on-trend fabric – just perfect for those autumn country walks and a match made in heaven for your wellies!

Denim. Aren’t you just so happy that denim sticks around so loyally season after season? What would we do without it? Embroidered denim jackets are a must have this autumn and they add a touch of hippie-chic to your look. Jeans are fashioned in 70s-style cuts and look great paired with cold weather boots – your feet will not only be nice and cosy but will look extremely stylish too.

Pair your long sleeves with long earrings – for an elongated neck and upper torso effect, this is the perfect trend. Have fun testing out different hairstyles which showcase your ears and make sure your sleeves reach past your fingertips to really get this trend right. We mustn’t forget about colours! Pink and red are the colours to invest in this season and there are no rules when styling them. You can wear anything from a powder pink silk gown to a ruby red pantsuit – indulge in these vibrant colours to banish some of the cold weather’s gloom.

There you have it – autumn/winter is always an exciting season in the fashion world and there’s plenty to experiment with. It’s time to shake off that post-summer sadness with a whole new wardrobe and enjoy the crisper air in style.