Beautiful You - Orange Is The New Red

Beautiful You – Orange Is The New Red

by Amy Newson

Indulge in this season’s lipstick colour of choice – orange. This bold shade is certain to add an edgy, feminine twist to your ensemble.

When looking at beauty for this season, it’s pretty clear what the message is; anything goes. Examining the trending beauty looks, they’re a celebration of creativity embodied in vivid colours, hints of neon and head-turning shades of orange. This bold shade is electric, swaggering, has a high impact and showcases that this season we are definitely thinking beyond the mundane beiges and bricks. Orange is one of autumn and winter’s go-to lipstick shades and gives any ensemble an edgy, feminine twist. This not quite red or pink shade is the perfect colour to play with. It’s time to discover your best shade and how to apply it.

Orange lipstick may seem like a bold trend and one you have (subconsciously perhaps) steered away from. This needn’t be the case; it’s just a matter of finding the perfect shade for you.

For fair skin, an orange-red shade is best, as a strong, pure orange can look blinding against pale or fair skin.

For light skin, it’s recommended to use the next step up from orange-red, so corals, persimmons and warm peaches give a lovely warmth to your look without taking over your entire make-up statement.

For medium to olive skin, spicy orange shades look great with skin that tans easily, so fiery tangerine and chilli pepper lipsticks are for you.

For dark skin, your best bet is true orange. With dark skin tones you can wear nearly any shade of lipstick but will look extra striking with a pop of colour.

You may be apprehensive about application, but even that’s easy to accomplish. Your goal is to make sure it looks fresh and to follow your natural lip shape. If you’re opting for a matte finish, blot a thin layer of foundation or concealer on your lips first to create a blank canvas before applying your chosen shade. For a look with sheeny lips, prep with a matching lip liner all over your lips before applying the lipstick. Follow that with a layer of lip gloss in a similar shade for added shine.

As for the rest of your make-up – stick with neutral tones of warm beige, peach and apricot on your cheeks and eyes to soften the overall look and complement the bright lipstick.

If you’re feeling uncertain, coral is the perfect shade to start with as the balance of pink and orange is less bright and will ease you into the trend comfortably. Subdued shades with pink hues tone down any signs of electric orange so are also good shades to experiment with initially. They’re great for day to night wear too, just top up with a layer or two as you leave the office for Friday night drinks!

So release your inner 50’s Hollywood star and discover the innovative shades of orange this season has to offer and update your go-to makeup look with something that will turn heads wherever you go.