Beautiful You - Summer Skin Shimmer

Beautiful You – Summer Skin Shimmer

by Amy Newson

It may be August, but that’s all the more reason to get cracking with a summer skin routine which will result in radiant, healthy skin which will last into autumn.

As we’re entering the last official month of summer, you may have noticed some changes to your skin over the past few months. It’s not too late now to switch up your beauty routine to ensure you finish the summer with skin that’s glowing, healthy, sun kissed and refreshed. Particularly  if you still have a holiday to go on or get plenty of sun exposure regularly, it’s very important to look after your skin. The following remedies are easy to incorporate into your established skin routine.

In the summer months it’s especially essential to scrub your skin frequently. Skin easily dries out in the sun, salt water and wind, so using an exfoliant will leave you refreshed and glowing. Use a gentle scrub on your face to remove any dry skin, and for your body a loofah is a great way to keep annoying dry patches at bay. If you suffer from cracked heels, a foot file will leave them silky soft.

Micellar cleansing oil is mild but efficient – it effectively removes any leftover make-up, sun cream and other impurities (sweat and sand for example) that build up in hot weather conditions. Massage a small amount onto dry skin and rinse with cool water for a refreshing feel before patting your skin dry.

Choose a moisturiser which contains vitamin C – it’s a hot weather must-have! It not only brightens the complexion, but also strengthens the skin’s barrier against sun, perspiration and other harmful elements that can cause breakouts or unevenly tanned skin. It will also boost your skin’s antioxidant protection. Need I say more?

Soothe skin that’s been exposed to the sun all day with gels containing aloe vera, prickly pear or cucumber for a hydration boost and to revitalise your skin while avoiding pore-clogging. Similarly, products containing thermal water and hyaluronic acid are akin to giving your skin a large glass of water. Plumping, hydrating and rejuvenating, your skin will absorb these without leaving that unwanted greasy residue. Perfect for a hot summer’s day and also a great base for makeup.

But most important of all is protecting your skin from those harmful UVA and UVB rays, pollution and other damaging environmental aggressors by applying plenty of sun cream. Choose one that contains a decent amount of SPF (at least SPF30 or for sun-virgin skin SPF50). If you happen to get a bit of heat rash or sunburn try a simple home remedy made with watermelon: scoop out the red flesh and slice the rind into paper-thin pieces. Pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes before layering on the irritated area – it will instantly cool that hot, tight feeling.

Now it’s time to go and make the most of the remaining hot weather and remember – if you look after your skin, you will have an enviable golden goddess glow throughout the early weeks of autumn.

CAUTION: Before use, it is advisable to test any products on a small area of skin to check for sensitivity or allergic reaction.