Bee Prepared

Bee Prepared

by Martin Hill

What to do if you find a swarm of honeybees…

Swarming is a natural instinct for bees and all colonies if left to their own devices will eventually swarm. This is part of their means of reproduction; if they didn’t there would be no bees.

The swarm has to find a new home but in the meantime it will find a branch, fence or a gate to hang off. Worker bees scout around until they find a suitable tree, chimney or roof space and then return to the swarm to show them the way to their new home. This can take a few minutes or a couple of days.

Prior to leaving the nest they will fill up with honey to last them on their journey, so they need to find somewhere before they get hungry.

Swarms of bees are not normally aggressive but best not approached.

If you do find a swarm the best course of action is to call a local beekeeper that can re-home them safely.

There are several beekeepers in our area but the best place to check is the BBKA website. There you can put in your post code and all the local collectors will be listed. or call Martin Hill on 07966 509424