Body Buzz - Smoothie Does It!

Body Buzz – Smoothie Does It!

by Sasha Kanal

If you’re considering a New Year boost that could lead to a healthy new you, why not incorporate a vitality packed smoothie to your routine, it could just be the lift you’re looking for.

Smoothies and juices have come a long way since the healthy eating revolution in the UK began. Their evolution from one-off pick-me-ups for the hardcore healthy to an intrinsic part of an everyday regime for many proves this and some.

Juicing and smoothie making has in the main, diversified from the production of sometimes astringent and basic tonics to what is now an exercise in delivering the most vitamin packed and original mixes around. In short, it’s become a bit of an art form.

From fruit and vegetable based fillips to creamy concoctions made with nut milks and spices such as cardamom or ground cloves, there’s a smoothie or juice out there for everyone and the variations are endless. This is the beauty of making your own, you can experiment and mix it up to your taste and get a huge vitamin hit whilst you’re at it. This can be a brilliant solution to the post Christmas sluggishness that often prevails in January. So what are you waiting for? Get your blender out and read on for some great, basic recipes to start you off.


Packs all the power of an espresso coffee without the slump after. You will also need a proper juicing machine for this one. Chop up two apples, a thumbnail of ginger, and a handful of kale or spinach and blend it all with some lime or lemon juice. Add honey or half a banana for sweetness.


Beetroot has long been known in traditional medicine to help blood and circulation and it’s super rich in vitamins A, C and E. Chop up one unpeeled beetroot with leaves, two unpeeled apples, and three carrots. Blitz with a little water for a healing drink.


This is an unctuous and creamy refresher that feels like a treat. Have it in the afternoon to combat that post lunch dip in energy levels. Chop and de-stone two peaches or five small apricots. If you can’t get fresh then use tinned fruit but the ones canned in fruit juice and not syrup. Add to the blender some coconut, soya or nut milk and de-podded cardamom seeds. Add a small spoon of honey and fresh mint if you want it a bit sweeter.


This is really an approximation of a Virgin Mary (or Bloody Mary without the alcohol). It’s full of goodies too such as vitamins A and C and lycopene from the tomatoes. Take six medium tomatoes, two carrots, one stick of celery with leaves, and a handful of parsley. Blitz for a fabulous drink. Add Worcestershire sauce and some black pepper or chili for an extra kick!