Chelsea Chic From Rushfields

Chelsea Chic From Rushfields

What with the dry weather this spring, it’s never been more important to pay attention to watering gardens. As rivers run dry and the prospect of hosepipe bans rears its ugly head, now is a great time to invest in some water-saving gadgets, just in case.

Water butts are essential: plumb them into downpipes to save ‘grey’ water from the washing up, or fix gutters to sheds and collect rainwater for later use. Irrigation systems, such as leaky hoses and drippers, also help deliver water when and where it’s needed. Drop by and ask our staff for advice on making your garden water-wise. Your thirsty plants will thank you!


The recent RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the horticultural equivalent of the Oscars and just as glamorous. It’s also where this year’s latest gardening fashions are revealed, and a great place to spot new design ideas and must-have plants.

Here’s a peek at the trends emerging at this year’s show. Look out for them at the garden centre and add a little Chelsea chic to your own garden.

Naturalistic planting Emulate Nigel Dunnett’s wildflower meadow for the RHS Greening Grey Britain garden with one of our annual meadow flower mixes.

Gardening in the city Kate Gould is showcasing clever solutions to gardening without a garden: try them for yourself with vertical planting systems, terrariums and container gardening solutions from the garden centre.

Armchair travelling Gardens at Chelsea this year evoke Malta, China, Canada and Spain; remember a favourite holiday with a selection of plants from that area for your garden.

Plants for unusual wildlife Bats, moths and beetles need pollinating plants too: Borncoose Nurseries has plenty of suggestions you can include at home.


After the last frost you can plant out tender crops such as French beans. Harden plants off carefully to acclimatise them to outdoor conditions, then plant two or three beans to each upright of a sturdy wigwam or A-frame support. Soak thoroughly, then carefully knock them out of their pots. Plant them at the same depth as they were growing, and firm them in, then water well.


Flowers: •  Repot root-bound exotics such as cannas and gingers

•  Harden off hanging baskets planted up earlier in the season

•  Lift and divide clumps of primroses

Fruit & veg: •  Plant out salad plugs raised in the greenhouse and in cold frames

•  Thin out rows of veg seedlings to leave a couple of inches between each plant

•  Provide support for peas and sturdy wigwams for beans

Greenhouse: •  Watch out for the telltale webbing and mottled foliage of red spider mite

•  Harden off bedding, dahlias and sweet peas ready to go outside

•  Continue potting on and pricking out seedlings regularly

Around the garden: •  Prepare soil for summer planting by weeding and raking thoroughly

•  Give established lawns a spring feed to boost growth for summer

•  Clip formal hedges as long as no birds’ nests are present