Christmas Countdown - The Company Party

Christmas Countdown – The Company Party

by Robert Veitch

The return of Saturday night television perennials mean only one thing, the countdown to the Christmas company party has begun.

October rolls around, crisp leaves begin to fall from trees, temperatures drop and the nights draw in. The return of Strictly and X Factor mean only one thing, the countdown to Christmas has begun. The upshot of which, is that by the time these shows have found winners Christmas will be here; from which rational analysis can conclude it’s now time to organise the company Christmas party.

This brings it’s own multitude of issues.

Do you volunteer to organise it, do you always have the same party planner, do you take it in turns, or pluck a name from a hat? Then there’s the date to consider… Usually a Friday, but is it better to pick a date hoping everyone can come or solicit opinion and try to find a date that suits one and all?

Is the event themed, does everyone dress up, dress down, or worst of all – fancy dress? I can recall a fancy dress incident from my youth that was in such bad taste (the culprit was a senior member of staff when I was just a pup) that I fear this article would become my last were I to tell the tale in print.

If everyone lives close to base, then transport is less of an issue, but most people have some sort of commute these days, which creates another problem. Unless taxis are being requisitioned, who might be the designated driver(s)? When the rest of the team are wearing beer goggles, looking through wine windows, sherry shades, pernod peepers or suffering vodka vision; spare a thought for the poor soul who might be driving you home, who might not be having quite as much fun as the rest of the team. Don’t forget, the designated driver (and the tea-totaller) will have a far clearer recollection of events than everyone else. Smother them with flattery, rather than priming them with ammunition!

Where to hold the party becomes another dilemma, at work or out on the town? Staying at work seems like overtime and nobody wants a photocopier incident or ‘the walk of shame’ the following Monday. To go out on the town and have a great time always seems the most attractive and sensible option. But where to go… there’s a simple solution to that, flip through the pages of the magazine for more ideas and inspiration than you’ll need for this party and the next.