Different Viewpoints, Different Experiences With Nicola Preston-Bell

Different Viewpoints, Different Experiences With Nicola Preston-Bell

I will start with a short story.

There was a monk tending his veg patch on the plain between a hill town and a town in the valley. A traveller approached from the hills grumbling as he stumbled along. The monk greeted him and asked him politely where he was going; “I’m going to try my luck in the town in the valley, I’ve had as much as I can take of those folk in the hills. Bad lot, unfriendly, unhelpful, didn’t enjoy my time there at all… how will I find the people in the valley, Brother?”
“I think you’ll find them much the same, young man”

Later another traveller approached from the hills. He smiled at the monk and greeted him, “where are you going, young man?” asked the monk. “I’m off to the town in the valley. I’ve been in the hill town for a few months and had a great time doing various jobs.  I found the people really kind and helpful, what will I find in the valley, Brother?” “I think you’ll find much the same!”

Nearly fifteen years ago I decided I needed to make some changes and dance to a new tune.  I had been working in the NHS for a long time and wanted to spread my wings.  I enrolled for the Uncommon Knowledge Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy course and four times during that course some wonderful people turned up for free hypnotherapy sessions so that we could be examined while practising our newly-acquired skills.

I would love to hear from you and am always happy to give review sessions, I don’t like to stalk you, as I believe you are in charge of your health and wellbeing and so can decide when you might need a “top-up”.  Remember you can always contact me for a chat to decide what is the best way forward if you are feeling a bit stuck.

Don’t wait until your friends grab you by the ears and march you into my office!

Don’t forget to smell the roses, celebrate friendships and smile at a stranger!

Nicola Preston Bell

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