Enchanted Horsham Unravels The Big Question:  Do Unicorns Have Wings?

Enchanted Horsham Unravels The Big Question: Do Unicorns Have Wings?

An ancient magic is returning to Horsham Park this summer, so prepare to be Enchanted…

Enchanted Horsham is an exciting family festival with illuminated pleasure gardens that will take place from 4pm to Midnight on the 27th, 28th and 29th July, and one special guest, Princess the Enchanted Unicorn is capturing the limelight. As old as time itself and magically awakened from her slumber, she is so very special. But the question Enchanted Horsham is being asked by unicorn fans over and over is does she have wings?

The easy answer to that is no, as unicorns do not have wings. But to make it easier for parents to explain to any sad or confused enchanted princesses, here are the reasons why.

Princess is a beautiful and magical unicorn. Unicorns are horse like creatures with a single, pointed, spiralling horn projecting from their forehead. They are usually white, have a long mane and tail, but they do not have wings.

However, a Pegasus is a mythical heavenly stallion with wings. Again they are most often white and yes they can fly! But if you are looking for a horse with both a horn and wings, you need to seek out an Alicorn, which has the horn of a unicorn and the wings of a Pegasus. And, Alicorns can also sometimes known as Pegacorns.

So there you have it. Come and see our stunning unicorn for yourself at Enchanted Horsham’s Summer Wonderland. Infused with sights and sounds for all ages to enjoy, you can also experience first-hand the street theatre and a vintage funfair, circus performances, circus workshops and belly dancers, along with a market celebrating local lifestyle and fashion, street food and drink.

For more information log onto www.enchantedhorsham.co.uk and to purchase advance discounted tickets for adults enter the code LOCAL, children under 16 enter for free.