Family First

Family First

by Hanna Lindon

Tisshaws offer specialist and comprehensive legal advice at a challenging time.

Family life is the bedrock of our world, so any domestic problems can be hugely stressful. Renowned for their warmth, compassion and legal expertise, specialist family law firm Tisshaws, provides legal solutions to resolve complex and upsetting family issues as painlessly as possible.

This commitment to supporting clients is reflected in the company’s new website, “our aim was to make the new website user friendly,” explains Associate Solicitor, Verity Eunson-Hickey. “So we’ve tried to provide both useful information and answers to all those questions people might be worrying about, like what to bring to a meeting and whether they can bring a friend.”

To respect privacy, the website also has a Quick Leave button which instantly changes the page to a different site. “Looking at a family law website might be a sensitive issue, so the Quick Leave button can prevent children or work colleagues from seeing that,” says Verity. The contact form also requests the best time for telephone calls to ensure that conversations are kept private.

Tisshaws offer an initial hour-long appointment for potential clients to discuss their specific problems and personal circumstances for £50 (including VAT). This gives people the chance to get professional legal advice and decide if they are comfortable and happy to work with the firm.

“These days it’s easy to read something on the internet and believe that is the law. But without the legal expertise and explanation of how it applies to you, it can be very misleading,” Verity points out.

This is particularly true of DIY divorces, where those who have embarked on this route soon realise the importance of professional advice. With the introduction of a more accessible and simplified version of the divorce petition, this problem looks set to increase as more people are tempted to try to save money by arranging their own divorce.

“There are two big risks with do-it-yourself divorces,” Verity tells me. “Firstly, they often lead to defended proceedings because the other party is upset at what has been said about them. This means the divorce will cost more and take longer. Secondly, people assume a decree absolute covers financial arrangements, but a divorce only dissolves the marriage. Without a separate binding court order for any financial settlement, both parties are left open to future claims, irrespective of the number of years that have lapsed since the divorce.”

To help overcome these potential pitfalls, Tisshaws offer a competitively priced Fixed Fee Divorce in uncontested cases for £450 plus VAT and Court Fees. This is another way that Tisshaws help to minimise the stress during challenging times.

So if you need specialist family law advice, do give Tisshaws a call and check out their new website.

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