What To Do In Your Garden This Week, With Rushfields

What To Do In Your Garden This Week, With Rushfields

Job of the week: Cut back climbing roses

Bring the vigorous growth of climbing roses back under control now, to keep them tidy and prevent them being damaged by strong winds. Cut back thin, weak growth, then prune stronger side-shoots to about three to five buds long, cutting just above an outward-facing bud. Tie in any new main shoots you want to keep, bending them to horizontal to encourage lots of flowering shoots next year.


  • Plant pots of spring tulips for an injection of colour
  • Plant bare-root roses into well-prepared soil
  • Tuck straw around the roots of cold-sensitive perennials like kniphofia

Fruit & veg:                 

  • Pick and store the last chilli fruits to use through winter
  • Check ties on fruit trees to make sure they aren’t too tight
  • Pull parsnips once they’ve had the frost on their shoulders


  • Pot up amaryllis bulbs for a flowering display by Christmas
  • Bring indoors any forced bulbs which are now showing some colour
  • Cut right back on watering as plant growth slows

Around the garden:     

  • Pick out fallen leaves from the crowns of plants so they don’t cause rotting
  • Hunt down hibernating snails from under pots and planks
  • Clean pots, seed trays and propagators before storing them for winter


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