Heights Are In, And Back On It!

Heights Are In, And Back On It!

by Heights Health & Fitness

We’ve been busy moving into what was the ‘Walkway Cafe.’ Now we’ve finally moved and had time to set things up and settle in, we can focus on our bread and butter… Fitness and member satisfaction. We’ve made so much progress over the last month and we are really proud of what is the new Heights. We’d like to thank anyone who has had any input or advice too. Most of the things we wanted to get done have been, but some items such as the shower really have given us grief; the lack of hot water upstairs and the distance from the fuse box have made it a struggle to sort, so please be patient!

The Total gym training units (leg, pull-up and core trainers) have been really well received since they have been in use by the members, and are well worth a try. Get one of the team to show you how they work – so you can really target the intended area with ease and simplicity. Don’t think the instructional pictures show you everything, they are capable of more than they would lead you to believe.

Yoga with David is back – every Saturday. As before these Yoga sessions are run as a course over the month although you can drop in, so best get booked in ASAP. It starts at 9:30am and runs for an hour.

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