Hurstpierpoint Walk

Hurstpierpoint Walk

by Les Campbell

This circular walk from Hurstpierpoint is a hearty 5 miles, with a fairly steep climb up Wolstonbury Hill. Thankfully there are many lovely refreshments available in the village!

This circular walk starts and finishes at Trinity Road car park (restrictions apply) on the north side of the High Street in Hurstpierpoint.

It takes in the Low Weald countryside to the south of the village, and involves a climb up one side of Wolstonbury Hill, but not right to the top! When last walked, it was very muddy in places, so stout footwear is strongly recommended! The walk is 5.7 miles long and you should allow just over two hours to complete the circuit.

From the car park, return to the High Street, and turn right towards the crossroads in the centre of the village. Carry on, past the church towards Albourne, and where the road bends right, turn left into Policeman’s Lane. At the bottom of the lane, turn right, and at the first telegraph pole go left on a well-defined path through three fields and over a footbridge.

Turn right and follow a track out to a concrete road at Wanbarrow Farm. Turn left here, past the farmhouse, and carry straight on to the distant signpost where you turn left onto a track. Where this bears right, cross two fi elds on the obvious path to join the B2117, Brighton Road.

Cross this road with care into the signed drive to Randolph’s Farm, and just before the houses that constitute the hamlet of Bedlam Street, bear right and walk downhill to the buildings of Randolph’s Farm – sadly no longer a working farm. Bear right through buildings, then downhill on a track through woodland for approximately a quarter of a mile to Foxhole Cottages. Just past the cottages, turn left on a signed path that leads to the foot of Wolstonbury Hill.

At the junction of paths, go straight ahead through a gate uphill on a narrow slightly sunken path that climbs the western shoulder of the hill. Where the path levels off , look for a post and footpath sign away to your left and head for this on a thinly defined path.

The path soon becomes more obvious, and leads to a stile, which you should cross and begin a gradual descent through scrubby woodland, ignoring all paths to the left and right. At the next path junction, go left towards the distant buildings of Little Danny. Then, shortly, go right on an enclosed bridleway to emerge on New Way Lane on a right angle bend. Turn left along the lane, and at a red post box opposite Beard’s Folly, turn left on a signed path and head across fields to Danny House. In the Great Hall of this magnificent mansion, at the end of the First World War, the terms for the Armistice were drawn up, and Lloyd George and his War Cabinet conducted many meetings here.

It is rumoured that he climbed Wolstonbury Hill every morning before breakfast! To continue the walk, do not enter the grounds of the house, cross a stile on your right, keep to the left edge of the field for a short distance to a second stile, cross on to a tarmac road and continue for a short distance. Bear right over a stile; stay on the left of the field to cross a footbridge. Head across the field, leaving two oak trees on your left, to another stile. Continue ahead crossing a further stile into woodland.

At the exit of the woodland, cross a stile on your right and follow the fence along the left side of the next field. Head into woodland along an enclosed path. Cross a stile and proceed along a track past Little Washbrook Farm. Turn right at a footpath sign across a footbridge; follow footpath signs, crossing another footbridge. Continue slightly uphill on an enclosed path to Hurstpierpoint High Street and return to the car park.

Distance: 5.7 miles

Stiles: Several

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer Map No. OL11

Parking: Trinity Road car park off Cuckfield Road Hurstpierpoint.

Refreshments: Plenty of refreshments in Hurstpierpoint

Public Transport: Compass Bus route 33 from Burgess Hill and Hassocks, Metro Bus route 273 from Hassocks (Stonepound Crossroads)

Please note this walk is a repeat, kindly re-walked and checked by the Ramblers for Les who is recovering from a walking accident. We wish him well for a speedy recovery. We are very grateful to Les Campbell for bringing us new and exciting local walks every month. A founder member and former Chairman of the Mid Sussex Ramblers, he is a very experienced and enthusiastic walker indeed. Les insists on testing all routes personally, making sure they are suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email