Men At Risk Release Their New Album

Men At Risk Release Their New Album

Men At Risk are announcing their debut album, which has been produced with the sole purpose of raising money for Cancer Research UK. It was recorded at Rivers Studio, Southampton by the talented producer Christian Burrell.

As a known local covers band, who raise funds endlessly for Cancer Research UK, we also raise awareness about the lesser known breast cancer in men. The band started out almost six years ago now, when we came together at a work do and decided to put on a show raising money for Cancer Research UK. We were founded due to a desire to raise money and help the fight against Cancer.

All three members of the band have lost too many loved ones to cancer to stand idle, when there could be a cure just around the corner. Ian’s dad passed away after losing his battle with male breast cancer. A still relatively unknown cancer, we having been working hard to change that.

The rest is history, we’ve been through high and lows in life since our formation but nothing has stopped us from constantly performing at gigs and putting on fundraisers for causes, which mean so much to us.

All three of us work at a junior school in Worthing, where we have worked for many years. The children seem to love what we do as much as we do.

We have followed in our traditional style of acoustic harmonies – adding a unique vibe to well known classics. Therefore, we have been keen to not pull away from our usual live style in this album, we’d like to think it’s not been over produced by any means!

We would love for you to review, share and discuss our album.

Contact us at:

  • 07905 321588 (Ian)
  • 07796441489 (Jamie)
  • 07470412276 (Luke)

The album is being launched at a party at the Beach House in Worthing, on the 24th of September from 4pm.