Outdoor Additions

Outdoor Additions

by Linda Nightingale

Here comes summer, happy days are here again!

We British do enjoy our summers and in recent years they seem to be getting a little longer and a little warmer, so are we making the most of our outdoor space?

Perhaps one of our favourite additions to a home is a conservatory. This much loved glass house began life in Britain from the 1660’s and was known as a greenhouse, conservatory or orangery. They have now all morphed into distinctive categories with orangeries proving increasingly popular in recent years.


Orangeries create welcoming areas of light, the skylight, (often referred to as a roof lantern), drawing sunlight directly into the living space, which can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. They can make excellent kitchens, lounges, dining areas or whatever suits your needs as they tend to have more brickwork than a conservatory thus enabling it to be easily a ‘flow through’ from the existing home to gloriously expand your living area providing for modern day hub style living.

A conservatory is a different structure. A glass roof and glass walls tend to make its use in cooler months somewhat limited but such has been their popularity in providing extra living space and brightness to a home, manufacturers are now producing fascinating year-round glass capsules which are cool in summer and cosy in winter creating an ambiance of perfection.

Whether you require a traditional exterior or a sleek modern addition to complement the fascia of your home, either way, internally they now come with modern day requirements including underfloor heating and solar controlled glazing.

Some home owners are ‘thinking out of the box’ and employing the ingenuity of architects to produce two storey glass extensions providing a dramatic and glamorous external and internal appearance whilst letting in light and brightness throughout the year.


It is always prudent to check if you need planning permission before you start building. A quick call to the planning office or a read of their helpful website should be able to put your mind at rest but normally a single storey conservatory is a straightforward process.


Carefully decide where you want this grand structure; if you are looking for warmth and sunlight then do bear in mind where the sun rises and sets. I have seen many a house with the sun lounge facing north and there is something dispiriting about sitting inside a glass bubble seeing the sunshine on the lawn several feet away.

Summer is here. Take stock and see how you can add to the pleasure of our sunny days and equally how such additions make good investments when you come to market your home – if indeed you can ever bear to move now it is an oasis of loveliness!