Personal Shopping And Styling

Personal Shopping And Styling

Igor Srzic-Cartledge sees clients for one to one consultations and uses his keen sense of style to help them find the look that’s right for them as an individual, for this season or for that special occasion, Igor’s expert advice has recently seen him featured in Vogue for being one of the UK’s finest stylists.

His enthusiasm, sense of fun, and inspirational ideas bring clients back again and again when it is time to hit the shops . He helps them explore beyond their usual fashion “rut,” to try what they may not have even considered and with his professional eye he helps them make the perfect choice.

Whether you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe, to update your base or to find that special outfit – Igor will help you get the right result!


Personal shoppers are a fabulous way to treat yourself or a friend. And Igor is THE personal shopper to have. Whether you need a wardrobe makeover, the perfect outfit for a special event. Dressing for success in the work place or just feel like treating yourself. Have you ever wished you could have somebody like Trinny and Susanna or Gok Wan, but without being on the TV and watched by millions. Or maybe you would just like a fun shopping partner who`s only interested in what looks good on you? Someone who gives you guidance and his honest professional opinion on how you look, and helps you make right decision.

To take you out of your comfort zone by making you go into shops that you would normally steer clear of and colours that you would avoid. With a personal shopper on your side you will save money, time and you will get the right items.


  • Personal Shopping Experience

Don’t rely on the opinions of your friends, your boyfriend or your mum – get advice from a professional. After a one-to-one style consultation, you can benefit from expert advice and up-front research to seek out the perfect solution for you. Be prepared to be nudged out of that rut, to find a new style that makes you feel fantastic.

Personal Shopping Experience – £100 per hour.

  • Wardrobe Detox

Can’t see the wood from the trees in your wardrobe? Keep coming home with yet another black top? What you need is a “wardrobe detox”, with an objective professional eye to tell you what has to go, and what you should replace it with.

Wardrobe Detox – £199.


  • One-to-One Style consultation

Most men don’t want to rely on their friend, girlfriend or mum to choose their clothes for them, but still don’t feel 100% confident about what they buy. With a one-to-one style consultation, we can establish exactly what you are after – be it for a special occasion, work or leisure – and you can get sound professional advice about what will or won’t suit you.

One-to-One Style Consultation – £150.

  • Personal Shopping Experience

Its no secret that most men don’t enjoy shopping – so why not make it as efficient and effective as possible. Once we have established what you need from your one-to-one style consultation, you can forget about the legwork of finding what you’re after. Leave that to the professional, saving you time, and ensuring the right result. You’ll get some up front and honest opinions about what suits you and what doesn’t so you can forget about coming home empty handed, with the same old-same old, or some disaster you will never want to wear.

Personal Shopping Experience – £100 per hour.

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