Pots And Pithoi Cretan Terracotta Pots

Pots And Pithoi Cretan Terracotta Pots

Over 30 years ago, Pots & Pithoi introduced Cretan terracotta pots to the UK. The company was bought in November 2017 by David Dodd, owner of multi award winning landscape company, The Outdoor Room.

Terracotta Pots capable of withstanding UK Winters

Pottery has been made in Crete since the Minoan times. The exceptional strength and beauty of Cretan Pottery is the result of the skills and knowledge of generations of potters. Cretan clay is mixed by hand and then each pot is individually thrown on a wheel. The pots are fired in ancient brick kilns where the heat reaches over 1,150 degrees Centigrade. This high heat gives Cretan pots their superior frost resistance while the kiln flames create beautiful textures and colours in the pots.

Artisan Wares for the Home

A wide selection of artisan made products are showcased in the medieval barn Shop at Pots and Pithoi; ceramics, Leach pottery,  soaps, candles, rugs, baskets, glassware, textiles and Cretan honey and Olive Oil.

Coffee Pot Café

The Coffee Pot Café offers a large selection of coffees, teas, cakes and pastries. Beginning in May, the menu will expand to include lunches. In the future, the Café will provide a venue for lectures and demonstrations about garden design and how to use pots in your garden to their maximum effect.

Redesigned Courtyard

The inner courtyard is being completely redesigned at Pots and Pithoi. The new design will have five water features, new outdoor lighting and a network of paths made from Belgium brick pavers along with areas of porous bound gravel. To reflect the origin of the company’s Cretan pottery, the centrepiece will be a mosaic labyrinth based on the traditional Minoan pattern where Theseus slayed the Minotaur.

Over 14,000 Pots in Stock

Pots and Pithoi has the largest range of garden, patio and conservatory pots in the UK with over 120 styles in 240 sizes. They can also convert any pot into a water feature. Products can be ordered online (www.potsandpithoi.com) or purchased in the shop’s converted quadrangle of 19th century cattle barns in West Sussex.

Pots and Pithoi

Address: The Barns, East Street, Turners Hill, West Sussex, RH10 4QA

Telephone: 01342 714793

Website: www.potsandpithoi.com