Rushfields Job Of The Week

Rushfields Job Of The Week

After the wear and tear of summer, the lawn needs a boost, and autumn is the best time to spend a little extra time making sure your grass gets back to tip-top condition. Control moss with a proprietary moss killer, available from the garden centre, then two weeks later scarify (rake out) the dead material using a spring-tined rake. Next use a garden fork to spike the lawn all over, improving drainage, and finish off with a top dressing – you’ll find this ready-mixed at the garden centre to work in to the top of the soil.


  • Feed and deadhead summer bedding to keep plants flowering till the first frosts
  • Plant late summer colour for next year with perennials like Helenium and Helianthus
  • Move evergreen shrubs this month so they establish well before winter

Fruit & Veg:                 

  • Check sweetcorn cobs for ripeness – if kernels exude milky fluid, they’re ready
  • Lift marrows, pumpkins and squashes onto boards to help ripening
  • Plant overwintering onions and shallot sets


  • Keep feeding and watering tomatoes – cropping can continue into autumn
  • Sow herbs and salad leaves such as pea shoots, beetroot and rocket
  • Lift tender perennials like Mexican salvias to overwinter in a frost-free greenhouse

Around the garden:     

  • Sow green manures on empty beds to add goodness to the soil
  • Finish clipping hedges to send them into winter neatly trimmed
  • Net ponds ready to catch falling autumn leaves