Stanley Simmonds ARCA 1917-2006 - A Retrospective Exhibition

Stanley Simmonds ARCA 1917-2006 – A Retrospective Exhibition

Stanley Simmonds ARCA 1917-2006

A Retrospective Exhibition

Brighton Festival 2014 

Unique opportunity to see paintings from the critically acclaimed post war artist  Stanley Simmonds

The Foundry Gallery, North St Lewes BN7 2PH

Launch – Friday 9th May 6-9pm

May 10-25. 12-5pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

The renowned artist and illustrator Quentin Blake is supporting an exhibition of the life work of his mentor and friend Stanley Simmonds who died in 2006.

“I first came to know Stanley Simmonds as a teacher, when he returned from the navy after the war to take over the art room at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.  He made it a place where not only art was produced but where art conversations could go on.  He was enormously helpful and valuable to me, as I am sure he was to many others, because his commentary on your work was not a question of marks and assessment but an adult exchange about what you had actually done.

Later, when I was a student, I used to go, with a friend, to see Stan and his wife Cynthia in the handsome rooms of their flat in Earl’s Court.  It was there that we really discovered Stan as a painter; to begin with in particular as a painter of Billingsgate market. The Billingsgate paintings were evidently the fruit of many studies made on site; but it wasn’t, you felt, the detail of everyday life that took the artist’s attention as much as, together with substantial reality, the architecture of forms supplied by the porters and their surroundings. Those pictures were soon followed by a remarkable development into abstraction.  What was formerly substance becomes atmosphere.  It is a world of movement, distance, luminosity, but one which the architecture of the canvas is still disposed with authority.

Stan was an indefatigable painter to the end of his life.  So for me this exhibition is full of rewarding and sometimes quite unexpected works.  It’s an eloquent tribute to an exemplary life in art. ” Quentin Blake

On his death in 2006, a large collection of Stanley’s work was recovered from his Cornish studio and is on show for the first time at the Foundry Gallery, North St. Lewes, BN7 2PH 

Presented by Artemis Arts for the Brighton Festival Fringe.

Stanley Simmonds