Stitch In Time...60's Lashes

Stitch In Time…60’s Lashes

by Amy Newson

Revisit the 60’s with Twiggy inspired long, thick eyelashes and plenty of mascara.

False eyelashes were the fashion accessory of the 60s and were worn by the fashion conscious every day (who sometimes stuck on as many as two sets at a time). Lashes were usually worn on both the upper and lower lids and came in a long strip that could be cut to length or in ready to wear individual sets – the goal was to make lashes as standout as possible. The hero of the 60s eyelash fashion movement was supermodel Twiggy, who’s iconic lashes are talked about to this very day. Long and thick, Twiggy followed the trend of wearing false lashes on both her upper and lower lids and even drew on exaggerated lower lashes for a striking appeal.

Fast-forwarding to 2017, we are now turning away from the fanned and precise lashes from the past decades and looking to Twiggy-inspired wispy and irregular lashes instead. This season’s make-up exudes the 60s mod-inspired, doll-eyed look, with spider-like lashes in the centre of the spotlight. It’s time to rejoice as the years of avoiding mascara clumps have finally come to an end.

This autumn, the more mascara you layer on the better! To get this look, false lashes don’t have to be used, as long as there’s enough gel eyeliner, plumping serum and lash primer, paired with endless coats of mascara. Twiggy’s iconic style can now be brought to life with a modern, futuristic finish.