Stitch In Time... Home Run

Stitch In Time… Home Run

by Amy Newson

Returning to the fashion scene as part of the fashion world’s love for the athleisure-streetwear phenomenon, the baseball cap is this season’s must-have headwear.

When it comes to accessories, one of this season’s must haves is baseball caps. The first version of this sporty headwear was introduced in circa 1858 by the American baseball team the Brooklyn Excelsiors. Its purpose was, of course, to shield the wearer’s face from the sun and soon other teams started to wear similar takes on the Excelsiors’ caps. These hats were soon common standard in baseball and until 1970 wearing a baseball cap anywhere else but on the field carried with it a cultural stigma. But as popular TV shows and other sources of fashion inspiration started to popularise the hat, baseball caps soon became cool rather than quirky (an everyday wear item in fact).

This season, headwear has made a major resurgence on the fashion scene. In particular the baseball cap, which represents the fashion world’s on going love affair with the athleisure-streetwear phenomenon. And it’s not just the monochrome logo versions either; luxe versions with lace, sequins and pearls, embroidered with words and logos add a touch of glamour to this boyish, relaxed accessory. Not only to be paired with sportswear, baseball caps are being matched with maxi-length dresses and shoulder skimming chandelier earrings for an arty, eclectic take on mixing casual and formal wardrobes. We say – it’s the perfect accessory to wear all year round.