Stitch In Time - Perfect Pockets

Stitch In Time – Perfect Pockets

by Amy Newson

Once they may have posed feminist question, but now pockets are all we need to be trendy this summer. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries pockets were frowned upon, as functionality was not seen as a ladylike trait; not carrying belongings with oneself was considered a sign of wealth. Proper ladies would never carry money (that was the gentlemen’s role). But with World War II, like so many other now accepted feminist traits, the pockets became a must-have for the working and upper classes alike. Working in overalls in ammunition factories and in sturdy dresses as nurses, at home  and on the front lines, the preconceived acceptable ideas of femininity vanished and were quickly replaced by a focus on practicality.

This practicality may well be the inspiration behind the statement pockets of this summer – even the largest of smartphones can fit in them comfortably – and it’s about time! Women’s clothes never have big enough pockets to fit much, so instead we have to carry bags to tote around everyday basics. Big gaping pouches nestled in the creases of chunky coats and giant round pockets hiding in the folds of ladylike dresses are spaced nonchalantly on hips and even decorate necklines.

These pockets are giving style staples an elegant refresh and make the pocket no longer just a place to hide keys, chewing gum and change; they’re suddenly in the spotlight and provide an elegant slouch to any outfit.