Stitch In Time... Vinyl

Stitch In Time… Vinyl

by Amy Newson

Let the wet look reign again as you rediscover the charms of vinyl miniskirts, trousers and coats.

By the time the 60s came around, people were more than ready to shrug off the conformity of the 50’s fashion and wanted their clothes to reflect the radical social change the world was experiencing. Although invented in 1926, vinyl had so far mainly been used for coating shower curtains, umbrellas and raincoats. So when the designers of the 60’s realised that vinyl was perfect for their modern, futuristic designs and complemented the geometric and boxy garments of the times, they started using this synthetic material with a vengeance.

Miniskirts, A-line dresses, high vinyl boots and even suits were made from this wet-look material. And let’s not forget those go-go boots either.

Today we celebrate as the love for glossy vinyl has returned: in the form of trousers, miniskirts and coats. This daring trend may not be everyone’s ‘dream come true’, but the tough side of vinyl is being toned down by its pairing with more laid back garments, such as soft cashmere jumpers. A favourite way to style the modern vinyl trend is by mixing a vinyl mini skirt with a simple t-shirt and flat shoes. Nevertheless, the tough edge can be reinserted by juxtaposing masculine elements with feminine, for example pairing ruffles with vinyl garments and chunky shoes – though this is still a long way away from the vinyl-clad fashionistas of the 60’s.