Beautiful You - The Holiday Edit

Beautiful You – The Holiday Edit

by Amy Newson

It’s finally time to get packing and jet off on a long-anticipated adventure – with all your fashion essentials, of course!

July sees us in full-swing holiday mode and if you’re lucky and have yet to go on yours, then you will be looking forward to packing up your holiday wardrobe and making your way on your adventure. Your sun-levels may be running low, but this holiday edit ensures that all your get-away (fashion) needs are met.

(Swim)suit up!

The thigh-high cut legged swimsuit is a must-have this summer and guarantees a super-leggy look. On top of that, add lace-up ties to get the coveted sporty and sexy appeal that will earn you maximum fashion points. A scalloped neckline will lend a feminine touch to your carefully ensemble beach look, while making sure you choose bright colours will ensure you stand out on the beach. Enjoy those rays – and the cocktails of course!

All-in-one fun

Jumpsuits are the perfect items for work and weddings – but most importantly holidays! Whether you’re heading for a city or beach vacance, a jumpsuit is the outfit of choice this summer. Enjoy the relaxed, airy and comfy appeal of a lightweight summer piece and choose bold silhouettes and pleats (anything pleated or ruffled is a bonus, as it won’t crease in your case).

Twirl the night away

Summer is the season of dresses and finally they can be donned without those pesky tights that slip and slide uncomfortably. Think retro floral prints, a good burst of shocking fuchsia and a touch of 80s oversized style – and there you have it, a dress for every occasion. Try a breezy and flowy dress for those evening beach walks and something with a good twirl for dancing those nights away. Also, a touch of urban-savvy utility style will always go a long way in an exciting city waiting to be explored.

Be(ach bag) at the ready

How else would you carry your book and sun essentials down to the beach unless in a super-chic beach bag? This season’s look-at-me beach bags come in glorious colours and are woven wonders waiting to transport your holiday must-haves around in all their stylish glory.

Travel in style

If you’re jetting off to an exotic destination it’s all fun and games – once you’re there. Long-haul flights are never fun, so make sure you’re geared up to fend off overzealous air conditioning with a soft, light cashmere jumper and joggers. An eye mask and earplugs will also help you arrive to your dream location with a smile on your face.

Look after your skin

Everyone knows the importance of sun cream on holiday – you can still build your tan (safely) when using a SPF50 lotion that will protect you from harmful (and ageing) UVA and UVB rays. Also remember to rehydrate, the sand, sun and sea dehydrate, so always have a nourishing post-sun lotion to hand.

Now you’re all set for your adventure, all that’s left is to don those sunnies and sunhat and lie back with a cold drink in hand!