Cuckfield Dramatic Society Present 'Uncle Vanya' By Anton Chekhov

Cuckfield Dramatic Society Present ‘Uncle Vanya’ By Anton Chekhov

Written in 1897, Uncle Vanya is arguably the first modernist drama, full of conflict, unrequited love, frustration, rivalry, jealousy and a sprinkling of hope. It examines the complicated interaction within a group of people, secluded in a country estate in Czarist Russia. The play is filled with dramatic irony and with overwhelming themes of introspection, ennui and dashed dreams.

What makes this play great? Why has it stood the test of time? The themes of political and social change resonate with many eras as well as the present, the references to conservation and how man has impacted upon climate change and looking back to what could have been, make this a timeless classic.

Cuckfield Dramatic Society are one of the area’s leading drama groups with a track record of producing top quality shows with plaudits from both critics and audiences for both their comedies and dramas.

  • The show runs from Wed 25th October until Sat 28th October nightly at 8pm, at the Queen’s Hall in Cuckfield.
  • Tiered seating and floor level tickets cost from £7 and can be purchased with no online booking fee via or at Marcus Grimes in Cuckfield High Street.
  • For more info search for “Cuckfield Drama” or contact or 01444 848 156
  • For queries or 6+ group rate requests contact or call 01444 848156

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