Work Experiences 2017

Work Experiences 2017

by Alex Bishop and Katie Joyce

Here at Sussex Living we recently had two delightful students; Alex Bishop and Kate Joyce, visiting us for work experience. Whilst here they learnt some of the processes involved in publishing a magazine, including going out in the field with one of our writers and witnessing a food photo shoot! We also asked them to write a piece about something that interests them, please read on for the fantastic results they produced.

In today’s world, we need to step back from our busy lives, and learn about the natural world to truly appreciate being alive says Kate

In our buzzing world of blaring screens, tsunamis of pixels and rapid-fire reactions, we’ve got to discover real life again. But how can experiencing the majesty of nature help us rethink our priorities?

Firstly, explore. Our area (an intricate harmony of heathland, coastlines, hills and wetlands) holds the only Sussex diving beetles and among them, roams the rare club-tailed dragonfly.

Another way to build a relationship with the living world is to consider how we consume it, today people generally are a lot more conscientious about food using Fairtrade, free-range and organic. Simple knowledge lets us make real decisions, and in conjunction with personal morals ensures truly ethical eating. Logically we will reduce food miles, protect workers’ and animal rights, and maintain biodiversity, and the planet benefits.

No one is ever truly aligned with nature, but a conscious effort to experience as much as you can, before the next season snatches it away, gives you the right to a life fully lived. The health benefits of being less sedentary are numerous, and all your problems are placed in the stress-free context of a whole planet. If we apply a slither of commitment to consider and enjoy our surroundings, the science of earth would strip away all the noise, leaving what truly matters.

My name is Alex and this is my experience of football over the past decade

Since 2006 I have followed Oxford United. Over that time the fans have witnessed two promotions, six managers and countless players. The first season that I can remember was our first non-league one. In our first season we finished 2nd, but lost in the playoffs to Exeter City. It would take us another three seasons and three managers to finally achieve promotion in the 09/10 season, when we beat York City 3-1 in the final. I still have the scarf I wore on that day in my bedroom.

The next 4 seasons saw us hover around the playoffs until in 2016 we were promoted to League 1. The last game of the season was at Oxford against Wycombe and we won 3-0 and were promoted. I have a photo I took of the players celebrating. The next season, after a late promotion push that saw us win 3-0 at Millwall and what a game that was, beating them in their own backyard. We went on to finish 8th that season.

Over my time I have been lucky enough to meet a club legend in Jimmy Smith, one of the best managers we’ve ever had and have also experienced many brilliant away days such as Portsmouth and Swindon away. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.